First DataBank, the provider of drug databases and clinical decision support, has launched a web-based product that will allow clinicians to access reliable medicines information anywhere.  

The FIRSTLight product, which has been launched at eHealth Insider Live 2010, will allow clinicians to log-in from any desktop; no matter where they are or whether they have access to a clinical system.

The standalone product includes information about how and when to use or not to use a medication. It also includes information on ingredients, doses, and the test measures and observations required.

Darren Nichols, managing director of First DataBank, told E-Health Insider: “FIRSTLight is a new, electronic, easy-to-use reference tool, that is web-based and has light integration with other systems.

"It addresses a real gap in the market. The product is not only about providing information in prescribing or checking, but throughout the whole clinical workflow.

"It is also about giving that information to those who don’t have clinical information systems, and about putting that information in front of them whenever they might be.”

The system allows users to log-in from any desktop, will soon allow them access from an iPad or iPhone.

Once logged in, users can search for information using electronic search and display functionality.

Future enhancements will see enhanced contextualisation to help users make better informed decisions more quickly.

Neill Jones, clinical director at First DataBank, added: “The versatility of accessing FirstLight from your desktop computer – or on the move via an iPhone or iPad – could dramatically reduce medication errors that arise when treating patients in the absence of appropriate information.”

The company is in early discussions with clinical system vendors to embed the product within their clinical information systems, so clinicians can also launch FirstLight from within NHS systems.

First DataBank is offering clinicians a free trial to preview the content and try out the search functionality in advance of the full launch in early 2011.

Visitors can see FIRSTLight being demonstrated at stand D37 at EHI Live 2010; and join First DataBank for a glass of champagne to celebrate the new service at 4pm.

Link: First DataBank FIRSTLight