The first health app for the Windows Phone 7 that connects to the Microsoft HealthVault personal health platform has been launched.

Glucose Tracker Plus, developed by HealthSaaS Glucose Tracker Plus, is said to simplify glucose data logging and tracking.

The software allows users to enter blood glucose levels along with useful context such as whether the readings were taken before or after meals and date and time. All entries are saved in a historical list view on the phone.

Glucose Tracker Plus users can also send their logged glucose data to HealthSaaS’ diabetes personal health record (DiabetesPHR) and to their Microsoft HealthVault record for storing, giving them the option to share data with other health professionals.

Alan Paget, chief technology officer of HealthSaaS said in a press release: “Glucose Tracker Plus is the first in a series of mobile health solutions that will help patients manage their chronic conditions.”

Paget added: “Connectivity to our suite of PHRs and HealthVault gives patients more control of their personal health data while also providing secure account file sharing with family members, caregivers and healthcare providers.”

David Cerino, general manager, Microsoft Health Solutions Group. “With Glucose Tracker Plus for Windows Phone 7, HealthSaaS is making it even easier for people to incorporate chronic care management into their daily lives.”