Luton and Dunstable Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has signed a deal with CACI for a data warehouse, business intelligence and patient level costing system.

The system, which is based on CACI‘s InView data warehouse and Synergy costing system, aims to improve clinical reporting and financial management.

Tim Prouse, head of information at the trust said: “With data held across several systems it was proving more and more difficult to report against patient pathways and produce Payment by Results submissions effectively.

“While we could produce these reports, it was time consuming and we were unable to provide senior decision makers with the view of information they needed on a day to day basis.”

All the trust’s information analysts and senior managers will have access to statutory reports.

In addition, 200 clinicians, managers and directors will be able to view interactive service line performance dashboards, all of which are made available using the system’s automated report distribution facility.

Prouse added: “Simply by bringing clinical and financial information together we will be able to more clearly see the link between activity and costs.

“Combining this information provides us with far greater functionality for financial modelling and cost allocations that will really help us to support [the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention agenda].

"The addition of interactive dashboards and automated report distribution also allows us to provide more powerful analyses and make data more readily available to a much wider audience.”