A campaign with the slogan ‘Security – it’s everyone’s business’ is being run by Health Facilities Scotland.

This is the division of NHS National Services Scotland that provides operational guidance to NHS bodies with a focus on three key areas; protecting people, protecting property and assets; and information security.

Health boards will receive information collated from existing strategy and policy documents about best practice on many aspects of security.

This will include preventing inappropriate access to IT systems and the modification or manipulation of data, especially in patient record systems.

Paul Kingsmore, director of Health Facilities Scotland said: “We are keen to support NHS boards across Scotland to protect their people, property and information.

"Over the coming months, we will be providing advice on best practice to boards across the country through this awareness campaign.”

National security guidelines and a staff training programme will be introduced over the next six months to help health boards implement a consistent approach to security procedures. Campaign posters and leaflets will also be distributed.

HFS was asked by the NHS Scotland Strategic Facilities Group to provide advice on a consistent approach to security.

It brought together the security leads from NHS boards to form a National Security Advisory group. It has now been tasked to make sure that all possible measures are taken to ensure a more secure environment those who work or receive treatment in the NHS.

The was launched at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, which is considered to have some of the most advanced security systems in the UK.

John Jack, director of facilities at NHS Lothian said: “NHS security is everyone’s business and it affects both staff and members of the public.

"The new framework outlined in the campaign will enable all health boards to have a common approach to managing every aspect of security.”