A new website has been launched by NHS North Yorkshire and York to communicate the benefits that telehealth is having for patients with long term conditions in the area.

NHS North Yorkshire and York’s telehealth project is the largest of its kind in Western Europe, with a total of 2,120 telehealth systems planned for use.

The new website features videos of local patients and clinicians speaking about their experiences of telehealth. The aim is to help others patients learn about telehealth technologies and how they could benefit from using it.

NHS North Yorkshire and York says that where it has introduced telehealth for patients with a long term condition, such as COPD, heart failure or diabetes, they have been better manage their condition from the comfort of their own home.

The introduction of telehealth services is claimed to have led to a 50% reduction in the number of emergency admissions amongst those patients currently using telehealth.

Kerry Wheeler, assistant director of strategy at NHS North Yorkshire and York, said: "Much work has been undertaken to ensure telehealth can be successfully embedded into the local healthcare system and the feedback from those using it has been overwhelmingly positive.

"Over 350 patients in the area have now been referred to telehealth and we needed a way for other patients and clinicians to hear about their experiences. We felt the development of a dedicated website was a good way to facilitate this."

To view the website and hear more examples of how telehealth is helping patients in the area to manage their condition, visit www.nyytelehealth.co.uk.