PCTI has announced it has developed an interface between its Docman system and TPP’s SystmOne.

The company says it has worked with integration specialist NDL to build an interface that enables SystmOne GP practices to use its electronic document management and workflow solution.

PCTI says the interface has been developed to meet customer demand for its Docman software and the development means that Docman will now work with all the leading providers of GP software, including EMIS, INPS and iSoft.

However, TPP told EHI Primary Care that it has not been involved in the development, that the interface would not be supported by TPP, and that it believes SystmOne continues to be incompatible with Docman.

A statement from TPP added: “TPP would like to clarify that they have never worked with PCTI solutions or their third party programmer, NDL. Nor have they provided any technical information about SystmOne. This interface is therefore unlicensed and unofficial.”

A spokesperson for TPP further explained: “As an NHS Connecting for Health approved system, SystmOne undergoes thorough processes and stringent testing to ensure it is clinically safe for practice.

"Anything that has been unapproved by TPP or CfH should therefore be treated with suspicion and classified as unsafe.”

“It [the interface] has not been through clinical safety testing, [so our official position is that] it should be classified as unsafe for use and will not be supported by TPP.”

A spokesperson for PCTI said: “TPP have refused to allow us access to the SystmOne Partner Scheme, despite repeated attempts to work with them over the years and therefore have left us no option but to look at alternative methods of offering customers choice with respect to what systems they use.

“Docman software manages over 400 million clinical documents for more than half the UK population across 5000 GP practices. With a 30 year industry trading record supporting Central Government, The Scottish NHS network and the MoD, NDL have deployed their integration solutions to over 150 Public sector organisations including 30 NHS Trusts over the last 5 years and were cited in Andrew Lansley’s speech earlier this week for their innovative work.

“The evidence and our experience shows that NDL’s interface is not unsafe in any way. As a responsible supplier we take clinical safety very seriously and continue to rigorously test all our third party interfaces at our pilot sites with significant clinical input prior to any general release.”

PCTI said NDL was a market leader in the provision of bi-directional integration solutions to local government and the NHS.

Ric Thompson, managing director of PCTI, said: “It was a pleasure working with NDL, their experience in the field of integration is second to none.

"Once of the scope of the project was understood we had a fully operational pilot up and running in no time at all. I am very pleased that we can now satisfy the demand of our customers for this interface to TPP SystmOne.”

PCTI said the interface had been piloted at a surgery in Luton, which uses SystmOne, but which used Docman before it switched to the system.

In a statement issued by PCTI, one of the practice staff involved in the project said: “As one of the pilot sites for this interface we look forward to and are really excited to have the opportunity to use Docman again, as it means that we can retain all the benefits of Docman whilst being on SystmOne.

"We are delighted that this enabled us and other GP practices to have choice over which systems we use.”

PCTI and NDL said they may work together on other projects in secondary care, including integration with PCTI’s Electronic Document Transfer Hub solution, which sends documents such as discharge summaries to GPs.

There is also the possibility of creating links with NDL’s BlackBerry-based community care application, Care in Motion.

Declan Grogan, managing director of NDL, said: “We see real potential working with PCTI. Our application integration tools and integrated mobile platform can add real value enabling the deepening of integration for the Docman and EDT Hub solutions.”