Healthline Networks has launched an iPad version of its BodyMaps application, which allows healthcare students and professionals to visually drill into 3D images of the human body.

The app was created in partnership with GE Healthymagination and Visible Productions and incorporates more than 1,000 anatomical structures and 30 rotatable models of parts of the body for both males and females.

The app shows anatomical structures from the skin, through the layers of muscles, down to the organs and bones. Users can also view 200 illustrated videos that detail specific conditions and related symptoms, procedures and treatments.

Gloria Horns, patient advocate at the University of California, said: "I see BodyMaps as both a learning and teaching tool for nurses, healthcare and body workers, even high school, middle school and elementary students first learning anatomy.

"The markup and email function is ideal for subsequent patient reference at home," she added.

People can navigate through layers of the anatomy with the iPad’s pinch and expand, drag and tap features and the content can be searched for using both clinical and everyday terms.

The app also has a markup function that allows users to draw on an image to illustrate specific conditions, procedures, or therapies, and the images can be shared via email or Facebook.

The BodyMaps app is available from iTunes for £10.49.