Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust has awarded a contract to CSE Healthcare for its electronic patient record system, RiO.

It awarded CSE the £1.4m five-year contract following a tender process that involved two other companies.

The trust went out to tender for an EPR in December 2011. The original notice stated that the trust wanted an integrated EPR system, which was “scalable and extensible” in order to meet Leicestershire’s future needs.

RiO will replace the Maracis system currently in use at the trust.

Leicestershire chief information officer Will Legge said the trust chose RiO due to its versatility and “broad range of clinical and administrative functions”, which enable staff to access the “right information at the right time at the right point of care.“

“The RiO system will offer quicker access to caseloads as they are easier to navigate; the ability to book appointments directly and manage outcomes more easily; create read, edit and update progress notes, which saves time and improves clinical accuracy; and access to more reports and forms.

“Project work will now start with service teams and clinicians,” Legge added.

“We recognise any change in working practice or introduction of new systems needs to be done with the utmost attention being paid to patient confidentiality and excellence in record keeping.”

In July, CSE Healthcare announced it had won a contract to implement RiO at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust.