INPS is launching a major update to its GP clinical software called Vision+ in May.

Added functionality that will be available to all INPS users includes real-time alerts for additional QOF points, practice-based protocols and a “powerful” recall facility.

INPS business development director Tony Thorne said: “we are very excited about it, we have always had a strong solution for QOF, but this moves it way above what our competitors are doing and we think it will bring real benefit to the end users.”

When a patient record is open in Consultation Manager, Vision+ will show missing or incorrect contract information and provide intelligent templates for fast data recording.

Practices can also create their own protocols that alert users to missing information during consultations alongside the existing QOF-related alerts.

“It’s about trying to make the practice’s life simpler and at the same time making sure they are not missing any patients with conditions that need to be looked after,” said Thorne.

Vision+ will include a new recall facility where lists of patients with certain diseases or specific indicators are used to bulk add contract information, or to run a mail merge for recall letters.

Thorne said this functionality will be particularly useful for practices that regularly need to identify and contact certain patients . After a requisite number of attempts to contact the patient, the system will add an exception code.

He said the update was developed from many years’ experience working with customers and feedback from practices about what would help them do their job.

Vision+ also has a clinical commissioning group module that can be used to aggregate data from a number of practices. Thorne said there has been a lot of interest from CCGs and the company is busy demonstrating the product around the country.