Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust has apologised to patients experiencing delays as a result of problems with a new radiology information system from GE Healthcare.

The trust is part of a consortium of four Kent and Medway trusts that installed the RIS software in July, ahead of the end of national contracts for picture archiving and communications and RIS systems.

Two consortium members – East Kent and Gravesham and Dartford – have already spoken publicly about appointment and reporting delays because of difficulties with the RIS.

Now, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells has said that patients are waiting twice as long as usual for the results of non-emergency scans.

Although they were previously available within three weeks, the scan results are taking up to six weeks to reach GPs.

The trust, which carries out 100 routine scans a day, has set up a hotline that GPs can call to access scan results if they are required sooner. It has also brought in more staff to help.

A spokesman for Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells said: “The trust is working closely with GE Healthcare to ensure the results for all pre-booked routine scans are available without delay as soon as possible.

“We apologise to patients who have had to wait longer than both we and they would want for results. GE is under no illusion that a solution must be found and that it must be found quickly.”

The problems with the RIS have not affected emergency scan results, the spokesman said. A spokesman for GE Healthcare confirmed an earlier statement issued in response to the problems.

“GE Healthcare is working very closely with the Kent and Medway NHS Trusts to resolve their issues with the newly-installed radiology information system,” the statement says.

“We know how important these tests are, together with the need for prompt clinical analysis and communication of results to patients, and we are doing everything we can to ensure that the issues are resolved in a timely manner.”

The fourth trust in the consortium is Medway NHS Trust, which has not said whether it is facing similar issues.