Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust has launched a mobile app for patients to send feedback to the trust as a video, sound recording, picture or text.

The app, called ‘Southern Health Listens’, aims to break down the barriers  for  people or organisations wanting to get their voice heard through making it easier to provide comments and ideas to the trust.

Katrina Percy, chief executive at the trust said it is “always looking for new ways to listen to what our staff, patients, service users, cares and families” and stakeholders think about the service the trust provides.

"We're delighted to launch this exciting new tool, which will make it much easier for people to give us their ideas, suggestions and comments,” she said.

“If anyone has something they want to say, we want to hear it.”

The app, which is free to download, is available on Apple and Android devices, and  lets people record audio or video files and send pictures and text with comments.

Users can also choose to be anonymous if they want, and a copy of the feedback will be stored on the user’s device.

"We know that some people find it easier to say how they feel without doing it face to face, whether it’s good or bad, so people can also choose to remain anonymous,” said Percy.

“If they are happy to give us their contact details, and want to continue the conversation with us, the app allows us to do so.”

She added that the aim is to respond to everyone who submits comments and feedback through the app.

"There's no point in listening unless we act on what we're told, and it's also really important that when somebody takes the time and trouble to talk to us, they get a proper response,” she said.

“Everything we receive through the app will be assessed, brought to the attention of the right area of our business and will get a response.”

Southern Health also plans on sharing some of the idea and suggestions it gets through social media channels and in presentations. However, if the user does not want their comments to be shared, the trust will not do so.

In order to inform users on how the app works, the trust has also created a Youtube video with a walkthrough guide of how to use it.