The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council’s adult social care services have gone live with SystmOne’s social care module and will soon link up with GP patient data.

On 22 August, Bradford started using TPP’s SystmOne in 17 West Yorkshire locations, where it is already the dominate system in use among GP practices.

Susan Anderson-Carr, interim assistant director of integration and transition at the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, said: “What is really important is the performance data, because we struggled in getting accurate performance data up until going live in SystmOne”.

“That will deliver better outcomes for everybody in every aspect of the work that we do.”

Anderson-Carr said there was a three month time line for phase two and three. The next stages include engagement with GPs to share data from social care to primary care and additional functionality for safe guarding.

Bradford’s social care employs nearly 700 staff members who work across Bradford, Bingley and Keighley.

Kathryn Lamb, project manager at the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, said SystmOne was chosen because it was already in use by the majority of their GP practices, one acute trust and within its community services.

Services that Bradford offers include access services, older people’s support, learning disability support, occupational therapy and sensory needs services.