Thirteen suppliers have been picked as part of a £500 million health IT framework covering more than 80 NHS organisations.

The two-year framework is divided into 10 lots covering IT hardware, infrastructure and services. These include desktops computers, clinical monitoring system, “green IT” and scanners and printers.

It is titled, the ‘Manchester and Sheffield: Computer equipment and supplies’, however the contract award notice said it was available to “all public-sector bodies”.

It is estimated that £500 million worth of contracts will agreed through the framework. There is the option to renew the framework by up to an additional two years.

NHS IT frameworks are designed to standardise procurement of systems, in theory reducing costs and improving quality for trusts, and providing a more assured commercial pathway for suppliers into the NHS.

NHS Shared Business Services and North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative manage this framework. The collaboration has more than 80 member NHS trusts, CCGs and social care organisations, concentrated mostly in the Midlands and north of England.

Supplies on the framework include:

Centerprise International
Dell Corporation
Misco UK
Specialist Computer Centre (SCC)
Stone Computers
Insight Direct (UK)
Parity Computers
Software Box
Esteem Systems