NHS Digital is looking for a supplier to build a new cybersecurity centre.

Announced 26 July in a “request for information”, the national agency wants to develop its security capabilities, with a national security operations centre that provides centralised cybersecurity services.

The creation of this new centre was announced in NHS Digital’s Fit for 2020 document, published last month.

The notice said that the centre does not intend to replace CareCERT and the NHS Digital’s data security centre, but rather “build on and enhance” it.

The supplier will have to provide greater cybersecurity capability, better responses and increased analytics power.

The centre will deliver threat intelligence, vulnerability management, protective monitoring and security incident management.

“[the centre] will bring together disparate security functions and will allow standardisation of processes and technology within a single unified security operating model”.

The areas covered in the notice include the health and social care network (HSCN) and NHSmail.

The move comes as the government has prioritised spending money on cybersecurity, with an additional £21 million of capital funds investment to strengthen cyber-protection, initially given to trauma sites.

NHS Digital has recently come under criticism from an internal review which found the organisation to be relying on out of date technology, has skill shortages in multiple areas and its data services are operating below expectations.

Its Capability Review said that there were skill shortages in areas that included cybersecurity.

In its response, Fit for 2020, the organisation said it will address the findings through establishing a National Security Operations Centre for cybersecurity, implementing a business intelligence tool to access data and transforming its website.

NHS Digital said responses to the advert will be followed up at an upcoming industry event after 14 August.

NHS Digital wants to find a supplier, before the end of existing contacts on 31 March 2018.

Deadline for the submissions is 9 August.