Servelec and enterprise mobility software provider Totalmobile have launched a new joint solution aimed at health and care workers.

Totalmobile Mobilise for RiO integrates the Servelec RiO clinical system with Totalmobile’s mobile-based workforce software, allowing care professionals to access patient information from the electronic patient record (EPR) using a smartphone or tablet.

The hope is that the platform will provide a quicker and more convenient means for clinicians to view and update relevant patient information at the point of care, leading to better treatment and allowing doctors and nurses to spend more time with patients.

Totalmobile suggested that the solution could save enough time for medical staff to meet with two additional patients a day, and cut the length of time spent performing data entry by 60%.

The combined offering was launched on Tuesday (16 January), and a spokesperson said that a number of NHS trust had signed up to the service.

Totalmobile Mobilise for RiO integrates the Servelec RiO clinical system with Totalmobile’s mobile-based workforce software

Garry McCord, COO of Servelec HSC, said: “At Servelec HSC we are always looking at ways to deliver added value to our health and care customers by providing the systems required to increase time spent with patients and improve levels of care.

“Launching our combined offering with Totalmobile offers customers the opportunity to provide their front-line staff with access to the tools required to deliver improved standards of care, outside of traditional care settings.”

Mobile-first solutions are quickly becoming commonplace within enterprise, and demand is now rising in the healthcare sector, where the adoption of mobile working presents an opportunity to improve clinical workflows and improve patient care.

TPP has a mobile version of its SystmOne clinical system, which can be accessed by clinicians both on and off-line.

Parker Moss, Virgin Care’s chief technology and transformation Officer, suggested it had seen productivity increases of around 30% per year though the use of mobile working solutions.

“We have provided our front-line staff with an improved way of working, that eliminates paperwork and gives staff the freedom to focus on the needs of the patient,” said Moss.

“By maximising the time spent with our patients, our community nurses are able to put all their efforts into delivering the highest standard of care services. The integration agreement between Totalmobile and Servelec is welcome news, which presents an exciting opportunity to health and care providers across the UK.”