NHS Digital is on the lookout for a de-identification solution to help it anonymise the data it handles.

The organisation has issued a procurement notice offering a 24-month contract that will begin on 29 March.

The project is an essential component of NHS Digital’s Data Services Platform (DSP), aimed at improving the organisation’s ability to collect, provide and distribute data.

NHS Digital wants to be able to link up data from clinicians and informatics teams sand then apply analytics, the idea being that this will deliver insights that will allow it to better inform policy and planning.

The DSP project will enable NHS Digital to integrate health and social care data, again to support research and planning and provide a better picture of how care services are delivered across the NHS.

The de-identification solution would be responsible for removing identifying components in the data flowing into and out of the NHS; for example, any information that could be tied to a specific patient.

The technology will be deployed NHS-wide and must provide the capability to re-identify data where authorised. The solution will be implemented centrally and regionally.

One of the primary specifications for the de-identification project is to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to identifiable data.

The deadline for the receipt of tenders or requests to participate is 19 February 2018.