The founder of a new digital platform that links up patients with healthcare services has labeled it ‘the Amazon for care’.

WeMa Life is an online platform that allows users to book, manage and pay for services for themselves, relatives or close-friends.

The platform offers medical services from GPs, physiotherapists, audiologists and opticians.

On its website, WeMa claims to bring together multiple care providers onto a single marketplace that “empowers customers to self-manage their health and wellbeing”.

“We wanted to create a system that brings service providers together onto one ecosystem, I like to call it Amazon for care,” Rohit Patni, the co-founder and CEO, told Digital Health News.

“We also wanted it to be a trusted platform by including services that have been vetted by us.”

Users can book services via an integrated mobile app.

WeMa had a soft launch last year and was showcased at a number of events across the UK.

“The soft launch was very much about evaluating, [whether] we have the right things, services people want, is it user friendly etc,” Patni said.

Patni hopes that WeMa will help address the growing problem of limited bed space at NHS hospitals and said that, while the NHS “looks after you very well”, patient discharge is where “priorities lie”.

He hopes that if patients can plan their post-hospital care in advance through WeMa, it will help free up more space within hospitals.

Looking towards the future, Patni said the company is hoping to launch fully this month with the possibility of expanding into other sectors.

NHS clinical service Coordinate My Care (CMC), recently launched an online portal where patients can select their urgent care requirements.