New mobile software designed to help clinicians better monitor and manage pain levels has moved to service evaluation stage in selected NHS trusts in England.

MSERV is a tablet-based application that allows patients to record the degree of pain they are experiencing. The interface offers a touch slider that can be set to six scales, ranging from “No Pain” to “Very Severe”.

Separate scores can be recorded for when the patient is resting and when they are moving.

Data collected by the application can be viewed by clinicians, who can prioritise patient care according to those who are experiencing the most severe pain.

Patients can also view their own data on the app, and access pain self-help tips.

The software has been designed by British company Mvine and HealthTech-IT, a data management technology firm led by UK doctors.

It has been the subject of in “in-depth” clinical trials at University College London Hospital (UCLH), and is the result of a five-year research and development project supported by funding from Innovation UK and University College London Business, the technology transfer subsidiary of UCL.

Digital Health News understands that the technology has now entered service evaluations at NHS trusts including Bart’s Health NHS Trust and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, in addition to two healthcare institutions outside of the UK.

Evaluations will last six to eight months and will typically include a deployment of a full working version of MSERV in a single ward within a hospital.