As the summer season continues, our latest industry round-up features the news that Thomas Cook insurance customers can now access mobile consultations with a UK-based GP if they fall ill on holiday. Meanwhile, Prudential has announced it has partnered  with Babylon to deliver AI-powered digital health services in Asia. 

Thomas Cook insurance customers get on board with mobile consultations

Holidaymakers who fall ill in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia are now able to access mobile consultations with UK-based GPs through the Now GP app.

Up to 600,000 holidaymakers who need medical advice while travelling abroad can, at the touch of a button, obtain GP and medication guidance and, if needed, access an e-prescription through a renewed partnership between Thomas Cook and Now Healthcare Group.

Since it launched back in 2016, travellers who took out travel insurance with Thomas Cook have received medical advice from UK-based GPs about a host of health matters such as sunburn, upset stomach, ear infections, and chickenpox whilst holidaying across Europe, Asia and America.

Founder and CEO of Now Healthcare Group, Lee Dentith, said: “Over the past few years, we have seen thousands of holidaymakers undertake a video consultation via our innovative Now GP app, giving them an enhanced level of customer care and an even greater peace of mind.

“We were the first digital health company to occupy this marketplace and we are delighted to continue to work with Thomas Cook and its customers”.

North Norfolk Primary Care supports patients with a new online video library

A number of GP practices across North Norfolk are now able to access over 350 patient information videos through a specialised online video library.

The primary care video library, launched in July by NHS North Norfolk, offers patients an alternative to written information by using short videos to inform and educate them on a variety of health topics, including diabetes, asthma, sexual health, maternity and general lifestyle and self-care tips.

Nineteen GP practices in the region are now able to direct their patients to these videos and it is hoped that the successes seen by other CCGs and STPs in the country will be shared in Norfolk.

Wayne Bolt, director of North Norfolk Primary Care Ltd, and practice manager at Drayton Medical Practice, commissioned the project from Health & Care Videos.

He said: “If patients already know the basics on a condition, medication or procedure, it means that GPs can focus on more specific concerns the patient has during consultation. In some cases, these videos might help to improve the quality of appointments and even reduce appointment times as patients are already well-informed.”

Prudential and Babylon join forces to deliver AI-powered digital health services in Asia

Prudential has announced it has partnered up with UK-based Babylon Health.

The partnership will mean Prudential’s existing and new customers across Asia with have access to Babylon’s AI-powered digital health services.

Ali Parsa, Babylon’s Founder & CEO, said: “Both organisations share the same mission, which is to make healthcare accessible and affordable to everyone on earth.

“We look forward to working with one of the most innovative leadership teams in insurance, as they work to build on their strong legacy in Asia and continue in their contribution of enhancing the well-being of its people.”

Dacadoo and Liva Healthcare collaborate on global health crises

Digital health platforms dacadoo and Liva Healthcare have partnered up tin an effort to tackle growing global health crises.

The collaboration means both companies can offer a broader service to their corporate customers, such as payers and insurance providers.

Kristoffer From, co-founder and CEO of Liva Healthcare, said: “Liva’s scalable platform was designed as a lifestyle intervention tool to help prevent and roll-back chronic diseases.

“A hybrid of technology and human intervention, Liva is used by its insurance firms to prevent and manage disease, cut costs and gain a competitive advantage. The strategic cooperation of Liva and dacadoo’s complementary platforms will offer insurers a one-stop shop for managing and improving health and wellbeing of their customers.”