Revised standards to improve the sharing of digital health and care records have been published by the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB).

The “PRSB Standards for the Structure and Content of Health and Care Records” set out the standardised information that should be gathered and shared in care records, which can then be exchanged digitally across the NHS and social care.

The revision of standards aims to improve the sharing of digital health and care records by supporting communications between different systems. The standards are aligned with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

When combined, it is hoped standardised care records and FHIR technology will allow information to flow directly from one IT system to another helping people to access safe, high quality, timely and efficient care.

The work forms part of the PRSB’s drive to improve the use of information and technology within health and social care.

Maureen Baker, chair of the PRSB, said: “We now have the key ingredients that health and care services need to join up information anywhere, at any time in the system.

“With the publication of the PRSB revised standards aligned to FHIR technology we are now poised to deliver truly shared care records and reap the benefits of safer, better, more efficient care.”

The standards have been published by the PRSB in collaboration with NHS Digital and the Royal College of Physicians Health Informatics Unit.

In a separate story, the PRSB published new standards for sharing information to support people with long term conditions in March 2018.

The digital care and support plan standard is centred on those living in the UK with long term and complex conditions. It sets out the key information that needs to be gathered, recorded and shared in a care plan.