Public Health England (PHE) is expanding its digital breastfeeding programme by launching the service on the Google Assistant.

As part of the Start4Life programme, the Breastfeeding Friend service provides new parents with access to NHS-approved breastfeeding advice at any time of day or night.

In addition to answering mothers’ questions, it offers helpful tips from professionals and mothers to expand users’ knowledge of breastfeeding and related topics.

It will also offer podcasts in order to keep mothers informed and entertained while breastfeeding.

Users can access the Breastfeeding Friend by asking their Google Assistant.

Sheila Mitchell, director of marketing at PHE, said: “The new Google Assistant Breastfeeding Friend offers a great way to make it easier for mothers to learn to breastfeed and to sustain the habit.

“Hands-free voice search is ideally suited to supporting breastfeeding, and the fact that the Google Assistant can be accessed via smartphone means mothers can call on the Breastfeeding Friend wherever they are, and whenever they need.”

The Breastfeeding Friend service was originally launched on Amazon’s Alexa in March 2018.

It is also available via a chatbot on Facebook Messenger.