Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust has selected Xerox to digitise over a million old paper-based patient records.

The five-year agreement will see the trust use Xerox’s Health Records Automation (HRA) solution to convert its paper-based records into an electronic format.

This means all patient-related information will be available in the trust’s electronic patient record (EPR).

With all patient records managed and stored securely online, it is hoped the move to digital will help release space that can be used for patient care.

Kevin Jarrold, CIO at Imperial, said: “Better patient care is at the very heart of every digital transformation project the trust undertakes.

“Our aim is that staff and patients can easily and securely access, update, analyse and share information to provide the best patient care. Digitising paper records with Xerox will make an important contribution to this.”

The new deal builds on the current partnership Imperial has with Xerox, as it uses the company’s mail service to provide patients with the option to receive appointment notifications via email or post.

Jonathan Elliott, director and general manager for the public sector at Xerox, said: “We’re looking forward to continuing to support Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust on its paper to digital journey.

“Not only will our solution free up time previously spent on paper administration, allowing clinicians to focus their attention on providing the best patient care, but it will also deliver cost savings and release space in the trust’s buildings that can be used for patient care.”

In a separate story, Digital Health News reported in February 2018 that surgeons at Imperial are using Microsoft’s mixed reality headset to look inside patients before they operate on them, in an effort to make procedures safer and more time-efficient.