A maternity app that shares electronic records between patients and clinicians is proving a success.

The BadgerNet Maternity Notes App at Gateshead Health NHS Trust gives women access to their maternity records.

It allows mums-to-be to add information about their birth plan, allergies or any other relevant health issues prior to an appointment.

All of the relevant information is then available to the clinicians caring for the patient as midwives and clinicians are able to enter information about blood tests, appointment reminders and antenatal classes.

Corinne Blackburn, a community midwife and digital project lead, said: “Going digital has brought lots of advantages such reducing the need for duplication and carrying bulky maternity notes and reduced the initial booking appointment time by up to 10 minutes with the pre-portal booking functionality, which frees up valuable time.”

Ms Blackburn has helped design and implement an electronic records system at the Trust for the last two and a half years.

Since the app, which can be used on a smartphone, PC or tablet, was first launched in June last year it’s seen a 78 per cent increase in the number of people using it, according to the case report published in the NHS Long-Term Plan this week.

The plan set ambitious targets for digitally-enabled care to be ‘mainstream’ across the health service in the next decade.

The 126-page document also says all patients will have access to their care plan and to communications from their care professionals via the NHS App by 2021/22.

Judith Tuck is expecting her first baby and has used the app throughout her pregnancy.

“It’s great having all the information I need in one place and the app means I can easily check it anywhere, such as on the bus on the way to work,” she said.

“When it’s your first baby, there can seem a lot of information out there to think about and having it all on an app that you can keep going back to, is really useful.

“I haven’t decided on my birth plan yet, but the app is encouraging me to think about it and I can add in comments that will then be shared with my midwife.”

Over the course of a year, the Trust could potentially save over 400 hours in staff time by using the app, which will free up more time for patient care.

Future upgrades to the app will enable women to add photos and diary entries, creating lasting memories of their pregnancy and baby’s journey.