Wren Hall Nursing Home in Nottingham is to roll out Ascom’s teleCARE platform to staff.

TeleCARE integrates staff messaging via Ascom’s Myco smartphone which will give Wren Hall’s 100 members of staff, alerts of resident alarm calls and details of their caseload for the day.

Ascom will also deploy its smart app Unite Axess, which enables clinical information to be viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

This means that care staff will be able to discreetly monitor and care for residents, and keep the most vulnerable safe, both indoors and out.

The Ascom technology will be fully integrated with the existing Person Centred Software at the home.

Anita Astle, the owner of Wren Hall said: “I am confident that this technology will help us to move to a utopia for care staff – having one sophisticated mobile device that helps them to deliver the best care. We will be able to respond more quickly to individuals’ needs – not only to those who have fallen but also those who are about to get out of bed and may need a hand to move about safely.

“It will reduce falls, and the fear among some individuals that they might fall. It will help keep them mobile and give them the increased confidence and sense of self-worth that is so important.

“It is important that we support those living with dementia to thrive. Enabling each person to have control over their life, to make choices and take risks is key to their wellbeing. This technology will enable us to confidently step back as we will have the assurance that the system will alert us when to intervene.”

The use of technology in social care is on the rise.

In November 2017, Digital Health News reported on how a video calling service was be launched across all care homes in Liverpool to help improve access to care across the city.