NHS Digital has said it will offer support to NHS trusts should Britain leave the European Union without a withdrawal agreement.

A page on the national body’s website explains assistance is available via The Trust System Support Model (TSSM).

“Following the recent vote in Parliament rejecting the current Brexit deal, we would like to confirm to you that we stand ready to provide you with support through the TSSM should the UK leave the European Union on 29 March 2019 with no deal,” the page states.

NHS Digital is recommending that trusts assess “whether systems upgrades planned around the Brexit period may need to be rescheduled” and to test “levels of resilience to combat against cyber threat”.

The organisation is also suggesting NHS trusts consider “the possibility of technology staff shortages”.

The UK is due to leave the European Union on 29 March. No withdrawal agreement has yet been agreed, raising increased concerns about the probability of a no-deal Brexit.

Wendy Clark, executive director of product development at NHS Digital, said: “The health and care sector has long been planning for an EU withdrawal, including a no deal scenario.

“We continue to work closely with colleagues at the Department of Health and Social Care and the wider health and care sector to ensure we are aligned in our preparations and planning.

“We have extended an invitation to trusts to make use of our Trust System Support Model – a team which provides expert advice and support to trusts undertaking largescale IT projects – should they require any assistance with their own Brexit-related IT preparations.”