The founder of TPP has told Digital Health News that while he recognises there are certain perceptions of him, he wants to build on making the IT company more accessible in the future.

Speaking ahead of his keynote at Digital Health Rewired, Frank Hester, has spoken about the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) and his reputation for being difficult, including being branded as a blocker of interoperability.

On a more positive note, Hester also notes that he has seen improvements across the country in regards to interoperability and welcomes the introduction of NHSX.

In 2020, TPP is looking to engage more with the healthcare community, which includes Hester taking to the stage as a keynote speaker at Digital Health Rewired 2020 on 4 March.

Hester says he is very excited to be talking the event and is the first time he has taken to the national stage to talk about interoperability and to communicate why he sees it as such a fundamental part of the NHS of the future.

You can catch Hester’s keynote in the interoperability theatre at 12pm on Wednesday, 4 March.

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