GP IT provider EMIS has become the latest to offer digital reporting of adverse drug reactions to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

The update allows the 4,000 practices using EMIS Web can report to the Yellow Card Scheme, which acts as an early warning for previously unrecognised adverse drug reactions.

Some 93% of GP practices in the UK can now digitally report to the scheme.

EMIS joins two other major suppliers of primary care clinical systems offering integrated digital reporting, SystmOne and Vision.

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) vigilance and risk management of medicines’ head of pharmacovigilance strategy, Mick Foy, said: “This is an important milestone for the Yellow Card Scheme.

“All Yellow Card reports can be a source of potential new safety information. Expanding the availability of easy-to-use routes of reporting is invaluable towards increased reporting and protecting patient safety.”

The MHRA has been receiving reports from EMIS Web users since roll-out began in January.

Integrated Yellow Card reporting ensures patient details are anonymised and provides an easier, faster and more secure method for healthcare professionals to report suspected adverse drug reactions.

Much of the information needed is automatically populated from the patient and reporter record, meaning reporters only need to complete a few additional pieces of information.

A copy of the report is also held on the patient’s record.

Dr Jez McCole, GP at Sheffield Gleadless Medical Centre, said: “I haven’t reported a Yellow Card in years, and it was completely coincidental that a significant issue present itself in consultation the day before the EMIS Yellow card integration switch-on went live.

“It was a very straightforward process and I think will massively improve the reporting of ADRs with enough advertising.”

Dr Shaun O’ Hanlon, EMIS Group chief medical officer, said: “Clinical safety is EMIS Group’s number one priority. Integrating Yellow Card reporting into EMIS Web is another way that clinicians that use our systems can contribute to preventative healthcare, enabling the MHRA to gather information to continue their work to improve medication safety.”

The MHRA continues to work with suppliers and NHS Digital to expand integrated reporting in a range of healthcare settings.