Three acute trusts within the Dorset Integrated Care System (ICS) are to deploy a single laboratory information system (LIMS) from CliniSys.

One Dorset Pathology, which serves a population of around 800,000 people, will implement WinPath Enterprise over the next 18 months.

The LIMS will be fully integrated with CliniSys’ order communications solution, ICE, to create an end to end workflow for ordering and conducting tests, while the creation of a single lab system will make it easier for clinicians to access the results from any hospital or GP practice.

All three trusts within One Dorset Pathology – The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals; Dorset County Hospital and Poole Hospital – have deployed CliniSys ICE to allow local GPs and some hospital wards to order tests electronically.

The integration between ICE and WinPath Enterprise will mean the two systems will work together seamlessly.

Stephen Harding, head of service at One Dorset Pathology, said: “The new CliniSys LIMS is a significant enabler of the transformations we are looking to achieve.

“It would be difficult to run a consolidated testing service without a single LIMS, because our hub and spokes need to use the same processes and communicate effectively with each other.

“By having a single system, we will also be able to open-up results across the network, so that patients who have tests in one hospital will have the results available if they go to another hospital. That will be a significant benefit and will significantly improve patient care and safety across the county.”

One Dorset Pathology is now working with CliniSys to develop a roll-out plan for the system, based on the company’s extensive experience in delivering technology for pathology networks.

Kevin Watts, regional business director of CliniSys, added: “CliniSys is the only dedicated pathology IT provider with deep expertise in the complexity of NHS pathology network requirements working in the market today.

“This expertise, the quality of our solutions and our track record enables us to deliver to the standards set by the emerging pathology networks for the benefit of clinicians and patients alike.

“It is great to see this recognised by One Dorset Pathology and we are now looking forward to working in partnership with them on what is going to be an exciting transformational journey for their newly formed pathology network.”