With Digital Health Rewired 2020 just one week away and with more than 140 speakers confirmed, we have put together the top ten sessions you don’t want to miss.

1. Caroline Criado-Perez (Rewired Conference and Exhibition, March 4, Digital Transformation Theatre, 2pm)

The writer, journalist and campaigner will take to the main stage in an unmissable keynote which will examine the unconscious biases that emerge from the gender data gaps in healthcare, technology and society as a whole.

2. Jacqueline de Rojas (Rewired Leadership Summit, March 3, 9.05am)

Currently president of techUK, Jacqueline is best known for her commitment to promoting diversity within the sector and will sharing her knowledge by discussing the key attributes of effective digital leadership to achieve large-scale digital transformation.

3. Matthew Gould (Rewired Conference and Exhibition, March 4, Digital Transformation Theatre, 9.30am)

In a discussion with Digital Health’s CEO, Jon Hoeksma, the NHSX CEO will talk about his personal priorities for digitising the NHS; the new team leading NHSX; the prospects for investment in digital; and key milestones for the year ahead.

4. Rewired 2020 Pitchfest final (Rewired Conference and Exhibition, March 4, Digital Transformation Theatre, 4.30pm)

Hosted by NHSX’s chief digital officer, Tara Donnelly, the Pitchfest final is sure to be filled with excitement and energy. Expect innovation, brilliant ideas, quick-fire presentations, tough questions from the judges and one overall winner to lift the Pitchfest cup, which will be presented by Jon Atkin, COO at SoftJump.

5. Sarah Wilkinson (Rewired Conference and Exhibition, March 4, Digital Transformation Theatre, 11am)

The NHS Digital CEO will discuss the thorny topic of NHS data and the issues that surround it.

6. Dr Ben Goldacre (Rewired Conference and Exhibition, March 4, Data Lab Theatre, 10.35am)

Following on from his popular keynote at the 2019 edition of Rewired, the author and senior clinical research fellow, University of Oxford, will explore what was learnt from building openprescribing and openpath from NHS data.

7. Meet the clinical informatics leadership team at University College London Hospitals (Rewired Conference and Exhibition, March 4, CCIO and CIO Theatre, 11am)

Learn from the three leaders of the UCLH team on how they successfully achieved one of the largest digital transformation projects yet undertaken in the NHS. This includes the new NHSX CNIO, Natasha Phillips.

8. The Shuri Network – Looking forward (Rewired Leadership Summit, March 3, 11.45am)

After a successful launch at Digital Health Summer Schools 2019, the Shuri Network are back to discuss what action is needed to translate good intentions into real change when it comes to diversity in NHS IT.

9. NHS Digital, API Management, PDS and FHIR (Digital Health Developer Conference, March 4, 3.30pm)

Head to the Digital Health Developer Conference to hear from Tony Heap, product owner for API management at NHS Digital. Sure to be a FHIR(y) one.

10. Dr Matt Fenech (Rewired Conference and Exhibition, March 4, AI and Analytics Theatre, 11am)

The medical safety lead for Ada Health will be exploring the vitally important issue of building artificial intelligence which is safe for all.

For the full Rewired 2020 programme and speaker lineup, visit digitalhealthrewired.com