Healthcare IT company InterSystems has partnered with digital identity company Imprivata to provide clinicians with quicker, secure access to patient data.

Providers using InterSystems’ TrakCare will be able to select their preferred method of user authentication, including ‘tap and go’ proximity cards, swipe card, or biometric authentication.

The collaboration provides fast and secure access to TrakCare’s Unified Healthcare Information System to promote efficiency, effectiveness and integration.

Once logged into TrakCare through Imprivata’s identity systems users are simultaneously logged into other enterprise applications, saving time and reducing the need to remember multiple passwords.

Christine Chapman, InterSystems vice president of TrakCare, said: “Partnering with Imprivata has enabled us to provide clinicians with fast and secure access to TrakCare, delivering accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about patients at the point of care.

“This not only improves patient and clinician interaction and communication, but also delivers a more coordinated and efficient care model.”

When combined with Imprivata’s Confirm ID, TrakCare provides safeguards to help improve patient safety by incorporating witness signing notifications and alerts for clinical additions to patient notes.

When a patient record is updated, the system notifies the care giver that a secondary witness is required to authorise the clinical note. An alert is then automatically sent to the witness clinician to authorise the inclusion of the clinical note in the patient’s record.

Imprivata is the biggest supplier of login solutions in the NHS, with the technology used in 70% of NHS trusts, according to the company.

Dr Sean Kelly, chief medical officer at Imprivata, added: “Too often IT security practices can be a barrier to delivering care.

“At Imprivata we believe that if IT security doesn’t work for people, then it doesn’t work at all. Our partnership with InterSystems removes the barriers to accessing patient data by providing fast and secure access to accurate information.

“Instead of grappling with passwords, clinicians can focus on positively impacting patient care aided by streamlined system access.”

The partnership comes after Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced £40 million for new technology to improve login times for NHS staff.

Hancock claimed the investment will save thousands of hours in staff login time every day, ease the administrative burden and make the working lives of NHS staff easier, ultimately freeing up time for increased one-to-one patient care.

Currently NHS staff have to login to multiple systems when treating a patient, with each programme requiring separate login details. Some staff are required to log in to as many as 15 different systems each shift.

Digital Health News recently published an analysis of funding announced for new login tech in the NHS. The analysis is available to subscribers of our Intelligence service.