NHS Nightingale Hospital North West has gone live with Alcidion’s Patientrack early warning system to help clinicians spot deteriorating Covid-19 patients.

Patientrack alerts doctors and nurses when a patients vital signs are deteriorating, letting them know if they need urgent attention.

The system, which calculated the National Early warning Score (NEWS2) for each patient, was deployed within a week.

The hospital, located at Manchester Central Convention Complex and run by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, was temporarily set up this month to help the NHS cope amidst a rise in hospital admissions due to coronavirus.

Kate Quirke, Alcidion group managing director, said: “We are working with hospitals in different parts of the world to help them to make the most of the technology they have available to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

“As one of our longest standing and largest partners globally, the NHS remains at the forefront of our focus and I hope the deployment at the Nightingale Hospital North West goes some way to alleviating pressure on the remarkable staff who use it.”

Use of the system at Manchester Royal Infirmary was used as a blueprint to extend Patientrack to the Nightingale site. It was specifically configured for wards at the temporary hospital.

Lynette Ousby, UK general manager for Alcidion, added: “Hospitals in Manchester were amongst the first in the UK to use Patientrack, and so it is incredibly rewarding to see a technology they have used in their mission to enhance patient safety now helping staff in the fight against Covid-19.

“We continue to stand by to help our customers across the country in any way we can, so that NHS heroes have the tools they need at this time of crisis.”

The system was provided free of charge under an extension of Manchester University NHS Foundation trust’s contract with Alcidion.

Alcidion has also released a development in Patientrack designed to help nurses asses respiratory patients for potential Covid-19, which has been adopted by a number of NHS hospitals.