More than 200,000 people in the North East of England can now see a GP online for the first time while remaining with their local practice.

A new partnership between North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and online GP provider Livi provides 220,000 patients with access to digital appointments with clinicians.

Patients are able to access the appointments through the NHS without leaving their local practice.

All 25 practices within the CCG area are now offering digital appointments through Livi’s app.

Dr Lesley Young-Murphy, executive nurse and chief operating officer at the CCG, said: “This service development compliments North Tyneside’s existing GP service provision and patients will remain on their GP practice list.

“The LIVI GP’s will access and record patients’ consultations in the same GP record as their own GP, ensuring continuity of care provision. Patients can also use the app to access medical advice, referrals and prescriptions.

“We will work closely with Healthwatch, local patient groups, GPs and Livi to evaluate the impact of this partnership on the quality of care provision and patient outcomes in North Tyneside.”

The partnership is the first of its kind partnership under the Alternative Provider Medical Services contract framework, which brings together commissioners, GP practices and digital companies.

Juliet Bauer, managing director of Livi, added: “At the heart of this partnership is patient choice. Hundreds of thousands of people in the North East can now enjoy faster, easier and more convenient access to NHS medical professionals without having to leave their homes – but the option of going to a surgery to see a GP is still there, as it was before.

“Crucially, it adds extra capacity to the system and supports the NHS in delivering world-leading care, while keeping patients and clinicians safe.”

It’s been a big year for Livi, with the company in June announcing three new NHS partnerships to expand its patient reach in the Midlands and North of England to one million.

The European provider joined forces with South and East Leeds GP group, OneMedicalGroup of Yorkshire, and City Healthcare Partnership in Hull to offer online services across five major regions in England.