Imprivata has acquired FairWarning Technologies, a company which provides patient privacy intelligence. 

It is hoped that by combining the two, customers will be offered a single digital identity platform that integrates role-based access controls, identity governance and data privacy compliance.

Primarily serving the healthcare market, FairWarning is an analytics and insider threat detection platform. It is able to process hundreds of data sources, including electronic health records, and applies data logic and machine learning to identify potential breaches of protected information.

Ed Holmes, chief executive of FairWarning, said: “Our platform fits perfectly into Imprivata’s digital identity framework for healthcare and complements Imprivata’s focus on making identity accessible and secure across regulated workflows.

“We’re excited to join forces with Imprivata to offer a more comprehensive and integrated solution to our joint customers, and to continue to advance innovation in the digital identity and privacy space.”

Calling itself a digital identity company, Imprivata offers a number of products including identity governance and single sign-on.

Gus Malezis, chief executive of Imprivata, added: “Like Imprivata, FairWarning is focused on delivering a world-class experience that ensures customers benefit from the full value of the investment in their solutions.

“I’m thrilled about the similarities we share in culture and in our commitment to our customers. We’re excited to make FairWarning a key component of our go-forward analytics and Digital Identity strategy, and to be able to offer our customers a broader set of solutions from a single vendor that is committed to delivering innovative products and a signature customer experience.”