The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust has signed a one-year deal with Feedback to rollout Bleepa, its clinical communication platform.

The contract, valued at £84,000, was awarded via NHSX’s Clinical Communication Tool Framework which launched in August 2020.

The trust wants to evaluate Bleepa as part of its wider communication strategy and to transition away from unregulated platforms such as WhatsApp for clinical communication.

Nigel Uwins, assistant director for IT support and architecture at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The trust is excited to work with Feedback to implement and utilise the capabilities of the Bleepa platform in a number of areas.

“We were successful in obtaining NHSE funding for this work and Bleepa were selected using the Clinical Communications Framework. We have found Feedback very co-operative and are looking forward to a successful partnership with them in the coming months.”

Through the platform, Royal Berkshire will have access to a number of features including the ability for clinicians to see clinical images of patients, such as medical photographs of skin lesions or wounds, which can then be added to the patient’s medical record.

Dr Tom Oakley, CEO of Feedback, added: “We are delighted to be working with a trust that has clearly demonstrated a commitment to driving innovation for their clinicians by providing a platform for secure digital medical communications.

“This contract is recognition of the huge work that has gone into making Bleepa the most reputable tool on the market and clearly demonstrates product market fit.

“As we have seen in previous clinical settings, Bleepa has the ability to streamline the patient pathway and save clinicians time, no matter their location, and we look forward to building a strong and successful relationship with the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.”