System C and the Florence Nightingale Foundation have joined forces to design a bespoke training programme for a select group who are embarking on a career in digital healthcare leadership.

The programme is bespoke for early digital career nurses, midwives, pharmacists and allied health professionals and aims to enhance the ability of course participants to be influential within their roles.

This includes a focus on maintaining effective patient care while simultaneously embedding digital solutions into practice and engaging the wider workforce.

Initially the Early Digital Healthcare Leadership Programme will be open to System C customers only. The company will sponsor eight participants for 2021 and the training will be delivered at a face-to-face, three-day course in October.

The first students will be drawn from members of System C’s Clinical Digital Leads Network (CDLN). This network was set up last year to offer support, mentoring and knowledge sharing between digital lead nurses, allied health professionals, midwives and pharmacists tasked with transforming the care process through digitalisation.

Dr Gemma Stacey, director of FNF Academy at the Florence Nightingale Foundation, said: “If you are an aspiring digital healthcare leader, this is a very exciting opportunity to strengthen your ability to successfully influence and impact on digital change within your organisation. The digital leads will need to educate and engage the wider healthcare workforce as part of their role, and it is important they understand and reiterate the need to embrace digital methods without losing touch with personal patient care.”

Those interested in the training should register with the Florence Nightingale Foundation by the end of July. The application and selection process is to be independently managed by the foundation.