IT consultancy firm CGI has teamed up with GE Healthcare in a bid to help UK healthcare providers accelerate their digitisation projects.

The partnership will take a ‘whole system’ approach and connect communities with health and care services as well as integrate sustainable practices for the future. It will also support a shift to community-based practices so people can be cared for at home.

The work undertaken by the two companies will help cities and towns in the UK to become smarter and more connected with health and care systems, they said in a statement. The integration will improve the experience for both patients and clinicians, with enhanced quality of care and better working practices at the core of the partnership’s aims.

Initially the partnership will see a focus on the rapid adoption of digital healthcare through imaging networks and digital cities.

GE Healthcare’s world-leading integrated technology and digital capabilities will be used to contribute solutions, data and AI expertise. CGI will deliver consulting services, act as a systems integrator and provide infrastructure and support.

Justene Ewing, vice president of health and care at CGI UK and Australia, said: “Patients expect seamless, on-demand services, however many areas of health and care services are experiencing a great deal of pressure due to the demand on resources, so now is the time for key providers to act to create a sustainable future for healthcare, for all involved in the processes.

“Our partnership with GE Healthcare will empower health and care services to offer improved patient care, create a more connected experience and ease the time constraints and financial pressures that many providers are facing.”

David Labajo, VP of healthcare digital at GE Healthcare, added: “We will work closely with CGI to develop the best solutions for the sector, ensuring that we deliver future-proof services that are robust, effective and have a real-world impact on patient care.

“Our goal is to create a more connected experience, so health and care professionals can dedicate more of their time to their patients, as well as improving health outcomes and quality of life for citizens. Our technology and solutions will be discreet and vital in support of better care.”

Covid may have boosted innovation and now the duo is keen to further expand the UK’s digital aims. The companies are working together with a joint aim of setting up a world-leading Digital Operations Co-ordination Centre capability. Using data, AI, machine learning and predictive analytics, the centre will enable remote patient monitoring, asset management and increased capacity for the workforce.