Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust has introduced software which will allow clinicians to digitally take patient details for bloods being sent to the pathology service.

The deployment of CliniSys’ Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) sample collection module will improve efficiency for both patients and staff, and remove the need to use paper order forms. It will also improve the overall patient experience and boost safety.

Clinicians at the trust can use the module on iPads to check patient details and then print blood tube labels. In addition, an extra layer of security means phlebotomists will be able to scan patient hospital wristbands before taking blood to positively ID patients. In the case of outpatients, where hospital wristbands are not used, phlebotomists will complete a checklist to confirm patient details are accurate.

Nicola Maguire, specialist biomedical scientist at Princess Alexandra, said: “GPs now order the tests using ICE and patients can book an appointment with the phlebotomist using our online appointment system called Swiftqueue.

“When the patient arrives at their appointment, the phlebotomists can look up and confirm the patient’s details and the required blood tests on their iPad.

“The system has improved the process of collecting blood samples, making it more simple and efficient for our teams to use. The system also helps to enhance patient safety and experiences.”

Princess Alexandra, who last year appointed Phil Holland as clinical information officer to lead the modernisation of the trust’s tech, now intends to extend the system by rolling out into the emergency department and the maternity department.

Glyn Hughes, ICE product manager at CliniSys, added: “This is an exemplary piece of work that demonstrates the benefit of being able to think through the testing process from order to sample collection to processing in the lab.

“We are delighted to have been able to support the pathology service at PAHT, in rolling out the ICE sample collection module and integrating it so closely into its processes.

“It’s great to hear about the practical efficiency and safety benefits that the trust has achieved, and we look forward to helping other CliniSys customers to realise the same achievements by working in this way.”