CLEO Systems has launched an electronic prescription system which aims to help reduce prescribing errors, boost sustainability and make the process easier for both clinicians and patients.

CLEO SOLO EPS gives clinicians instant prescribing capabilities, without the need for systems integration. This means once a patient’s prescription has been entered, it can be sent electronically to a nominated community pharmacy.

CLEO has completed a successful first of type pilot with Midlands Partnership Foundation NHS Trust, which helped the trust’s drive towards digitisation, in line with NHS plans, and has helped reduce the use of paper in its hospital community settings, along with the infection risk that papers could introduce too. In addition prescription security was increased, travel and postage costs were reduced and clinicians were able to save time.

Colin Jones, EPMA programme manager at Midlands Partnership Foundation, said: ‘EPS has allowed our community clinicians to realise the benefits of digital prescribing, whilst also enhancing prescription security. Working with CLEO systems and NHS Digital, we have tailored EPS to suit different service requirements, ensuring benefits such as reduction in travel, postage and time are realised by a wide variety of services across the Trust.”

CLEO SOLO EPS ensures that there is no risk of prescriptions being lost or stolen, and it incorporates a prescription tracker so that it can be tracked at all times. It also minimises the chance of patient search errors through robust search functionality which sees prescribers entering either the EPS prescription ID or a case reference from a previously created electronic prescription.

David Brown, managing director, CLEO Systems said: “As the first provider to launch a product of this type into this sector, we are so pleased to see the clinical and patient benefits associated with the successful launch and pilot of CLEO SOLO EPS. Working collaboratively with the trust and NHS Digital has been an excellent experience and we are proud that our software is so flexible and easy to use.”

It’s fast approaching the first anniversary of CLEO Systems integrating with the GoodSAM platform. Launched in September last year, the integration into its patient management systems, enabled easy video consultations with urgent care.