System C is partnering up with the Florence Nightingale Foundation for a training programme which aims to help prepare digital healthcare professionals for future leadership opportunities.

Now in its second year, the programme is targeted at early digital career nurses, midwives, pharmacists and allied health professionals who plan to make a career within digital healthcare leadership.

Last year the programme was open to just eight delegates, drawn from System C customers. This year there will be 20 spaces, with eight sponsored by System C for its customers and the remaining 12 spots will be opened up to other organisations.

Professor Gemma Stacey, deputy chief executive officer at the Florence Nightingale Foundation, said: “The feedback from participants was so positive last year, with many people commenting that they found it inspiring, energised, and that they learned things that they could apply immediately to their day-to-day roles.”

The programme will not only help prepare participants for future leadership roles but it will also allow them the opportunity to show their knowledge and influence at a systems level.

Each delegate will leave having explored their role and how to blend effective healthcare with delivering digital solutions into practice. They will gain the tools needed to influence organisational and patient outcomes through digital transformation.

Professor Stacey continued: “If you are an aspiring digital healthcare leader, this is a valuable opportunity to strengthen your ability to successfully influence and impact on digital change within your organisation.

“The digital leads will need to educate and engage the wider healthcare workforce as part of their role, and it is important they understand and reiterate the need to embrace digital methods without losing touch with personal patient care.”

The programme will be delivered via a three-day, residential course in London in November 2022. Florence Nightingale Foundation will be managing the application and selection process for potential delegates.

Those interested in applying should register their interest with the Florence Nightingale Foundation by 1 September.