GenesisCare will be opening a new £20million cancer treatment centre which will provide access to highly advanced oncology treatment, technologies, and clinical trials.

The new centre in Edgbaston, Birmingham will improve access to innovative treatments for more patients and will be joining three other GenesisCare centres: Oxford, London, and the soon-to-open Guildford.

The centre, which is due to open in Spring 2024, will be home to the latest radiotherapy innovation – ViewRay MRIdian SMART technology. This type of technology is not widely available in the UK. The MRIdian SMART can see and track soft tissue and tumours in real time, allowing the radiotherapy beam to be stopped if the tumour moves out of position.

This means it can be administered over a shorter timeframe, with fewer sessions needed, and spare, more normal tissue in the process.

Alongside this, other technology will be available, including the highly-targeted Magnetic Resonance Image Linear Accelerator (MR Linac) and Theranostics, a personalised approach that combines diagnostic imaging with radionuclide therapy.

Justin Hely, UK general manager at GenesisCare, said: “Increasing access to world-class cancer care throughout the UK is our core purpose at GenesisCare. We are investing in this world-class cancer centre in Edgbaston to ensure patients from across the Midlands region can access the latest and most innovative cancer treatments.

“These treatments can not only be delivered in fewer visits due to the high-precision technology, but they’ve also been shown to provide the best possible outcome for patients.”

GenesisCare’s integrated approach to cancer care will also see it provide novel therapies, including exercise medicine and wellbeing programmes.

Dr Eliot Sims, chief medical officer at GenesisCare, said: “This new service builds on our long track record of delivering highly specialised and integrated treatment for complex cancers, utilising the latest innovative technologies in radiotherapy, such as the MRIdian MR Linac and Theranostics.”

Last year GenesisCare was selected for the Acute Data Alignment Programme (ADAPt) pilot, which aims to help create a single national data reporting system.