The NHS App has recorded more than 30 million sign-ups as well as close to 450,000 new organ donation decisions since it was launched four years ago.

The app was launched back in September 2018 and people are now being encouraged to use the app to register their organ donation preferences during Organ Donation Week (26 September – 2 October). The total number of organ donation decisions that were registered for the first time through the app increased 69% in a year and since last September there have been 183,000 new decisions registered.

Susie Day, NHS digital director of delivery, NHS App said: Millions of people are continuing to use the NHS App to take control of their healthcare directly from their phone or the NHS website, with over 30 million sign-ups now recorded.

“It’s great to see rising numbers of people using the app to register and manage their organ donation decisions and we encourage everyone, if they haven’t already done so, to record this important decision through the app or online.”

Figures from NHS Digital show:

  • Organ donation preferences have been managed over 3.7 million times through the NHS App in total, including updates to existing decisions.
  • 448,000 new organ donation decisions have been registered.
  • 4 million GP appointments were booked via the app between September 21 and August 22.
  • Over 19.3 million repeat prescriptions were ordered through the app between September 21 and August 22.

Dr Tim Ferris NHS director for transformation, added: “We are transforming the NHS App into a front door for the NHS, so the millions of people currently using it can set their organ donation preferences but also do much more to manage their health and access services.”

Earlier this month, in an address at Policy Exchange in London, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Steve Barclay stated that the NHS App could help streamline the organisation of patient appointments and called for better use of the app.