Person Centred Software has launched Smart Cups, which it describes as an intelligent drinking glass that continuously monitors fluid intake.

Person Centred Software, says it has designed Smart Cups to provide carers, healthcare professionals and relatives with insight that will help prevent dehydration throughout the sector.

The Smart Cups enable the accurate measurement of fluid intake by weighing cells and accelerometers coupled with intelligent algorithms to eliminate liquid poured into the sink.

The company says the device can enable fluid consumption to be monitored sip-by-sip, helping to tackle dehydration in care homes by providing relevant insights and notifications.

Following the launch, Andrew Coles, CEO of Person Centred Software, said:  “It’s common knowledge that people become more at risk of dehydration as they age, as with reduced mobility and activity, it becomes more difficult to drink and use the toilet.

“Inevitably, residents might avoid drinking enough liquids to prevent the need to use the bathroom regularly. Also, as we continue to age, the sense of thirst begins to diminish, which causes us to drink less.”

In terms of practicality, all carers need to do is pour the fluid into the Smart Cup before serving the resident.

Following this, a care note is automatically created within Person Centred Software’s Digital Care System, which records the volume of fluid consumed and provides real-time updates of fluid charts for the carer to monitor.

The company says it’s Smart Cups track fluids for individual residents and help understand drinking habits via real-life data. They also send notifications that help encourage and motivate residents to drink.

Coles added: “With data and analytics serving as a major step forward to improving care across the nation, it made sense to launch a product that monitors data, but ultimately, helps prevent dehydration – while utilising interoperability to improve the quality of life for people in care.

“Our mission in social care has always been to enhance and reinforce this message, and we believe that our latest addition is another step closer to achieving this goal.”

Smart health and smart tech is becoming increasingly prominent in care home care sector. Recently, wellness application Vivoo launched a smart toilet device to help detect health conditions earlier, while Scarborough care home and BT teamed up back in November to fit smart sensors in residents’ care homes to collect data which helps ensure they receive better support.