MedicalDirector UK’s Helix VaxApp has received approval from NHS England to be used across the health service’s Covid and flu vaccination programmes. 

This milestone marks a significant achievement in the ongoing efforts to combat Covid-19 virus variants and support public health efforts across the UK.  

The Helix VaxApp is a cutting-edge vaccination management and tracking system designed to streamline the vaccination process and improve patient outcomes.

With its intuitive user interface and robust data management capabilities, the Helix VaxApp enables healthcare providers to efficiently manage vaccine supplies, track patient vaccination status, and monitor adverse reactions.  

It has been developed in line with the UK government’s £484 million investment programme to upgrade clinical health record technology and is available as part of NHS funding. 

“Helix VaxApp is a simple, secure, cloud-based solution that enables management of Covid-19 and flu vaccinations from anywhere, which allows providers to be fully mobile and go to their patients’ locations – whether that be a care home, school or even a patient’s home,” Jack Gibson, product lead for MedicalDirector UK, said.

“It can be accessed through a web browser on a tablet or laptop, with no software installation necessary.

“The system is fully mobile which means it can be used for vaccinations with only a Wi-Fi connection or phone hotspot, connecting seamlessly to core NHS Spine services like Personal Demographics Service (PDS), as well as the National Immunisation Management System.”   

Following a successful pilot programme, the Helix VaxApp has been approved for full rollout across the NHS. This means that healthcare providers across the country will now have funded access to this innovative vaccination management system, allowing them to provide faster, more efficient care to patients.   

Gibson added: “We are thrilled to receive full rollout approval from NHS England. The Helix VaxApp is a game-changer in the fight against Covid-19, and we believe it will be an invaluable tool for healthcare providers across the country as they work to vaccinate as many people as possible.

“We look forward to building our partnership with NHS England to support public health efforts and improve patient outcomes.”  

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