The Government of Jersey’s Health and Community Services (HCS) Department has contracted with BridgeHead Software to implement HealthStore to consolidate all medical images in a central repository accessible by clinical and support staff. 

HealthStore, which from 2020 has been run from a public cloud solution on Microsoft Azure, is set to underpin HCS’s Enterprise Imaging strategy as part of its overarching aim to become one of the most digitally advanced healthcare systems in the world.

BridgeHead’s Enterprise Imaging expertise will enable HCS, which provides healthcare for over 100,000 Jersey residents, to consolidate, store, protect, and share medical images of all types and formats from across a diverse array of clinical departments.

This Enterprise Imaging initiative feeds into the Government of Jersey’s strategic vision to attain the highest level of digital healthcare maturity – Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) Stage 7 – from the Healthcare Information and Management Society (HIMSS).

HealthStore will help overcome the issues that were being experienced by HCS where images were stored on individual departmental systems that could be difficult to protect, manage, and access.

It will improve workflow efficiency and clinician productivity by streamlining access to, and sharing of, medical images; across departments, and also with external healthcare organisations.

Paul Morris, digital health programme manager at HCS, said: “The HCS team identified a wide range of imaging information that needed to be brought together to provide a true 360-degree patient view.

“We needed an imaging platform that offered a central repository where any image, regardless of the source application, could be stored in a standard format, and made available to our healthcare professionals, all accessible using a simple and intuitive user interface.”

The HealthStore deployment will focus on Radiology in the first instance, before widening the scope to bring medical images into the system from other clinical departments.

CEO and President, BridgeHead Software Jim Beagle added:  “The HCS team understand that data is a strategic asset and the lifeblood of quality care delivery.

“With diagnostic teams relying so heavily on medical imaging, it is vital that clinicians, whether working within a department or part of a multidisciplinary team, have quick and easy access to all of the information they need to make informed care decisions.

“We are very excited to be part of HCS’ strategic plans and help it on its digital transformation journey.”