Digital health platform blueBriX has expanded into the pharmaceutical sector, enabling pharma to leverage software as a medical device (SaMD)-compliant solution to improve patient experience and drive revenue growth.

blueBriX has been designed to provide the ‘building blocks of digital health’ through its own library of configurable health tech components. These allow innovators to easily build, launch and scale digital health solutions. Users are able to integrate newly developed solutions with the wider healthcare ecosystem. This includes pre-existing digital systems and medical devices as well as prescription services and consumer wearables.

The platform is already being used across four continents, and blueBriX is currently actively engaging with markets in the UK. The expansion into pharmaceuticals comes after the platform has already improved the lives of over two million people.

Shameem C Hameed, CEO of blueBriX, said: “blueBriX was founded with a clear vision to make digital health solutions both accessible and affordable without the requirements for internal tech resource.

“Over the last 15 years, we have developed and evolved our own library of configurable health tech components, modules, and APIs, which have aided the development of new, agile and innovative digital health solutions which have improved standards of healthcare worldwide.”

As blueBriX expands into the pharmaceutical sector it will support the use of SaMD-compliant solutions, which will help to increase brand loyalty, enhance the patient experience and help to build revenue growth.

Pharmacies are increasingly becoming their own medical hubs helping patients manage a range of conditions. In 2021 the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) extended its community pharmacy information standard in line with the expanded role of community pharmacists which has taken place over the last few years.