Dublin’s National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) has become the first healthcare provider in the Republic of Ireland to go live with InterSystems, launching the company’s hosted unified healthcare information system, InterSystems TrakCare.

NRH is initially implementing the Patient Administration System (PAS) module within TrakCare and will be rolling out others in due course.

Implementing TrakCare will allow healthcare professionals at the NRH to benefit from better access to joined-up information on the patients in their care.

Improved information sharing through TrakCare will enable the hospital to make faster, more accurate clinical decisions leading to enhanced patient outcomes, while at the same time better managing care costs and quality.

John Maher, head of information management and technology (IM&T) at NRH, said: “We are delighted to be building our partnership with InterSystems further.

“The use of TrakCare will not only bring about many operational efficiencies for us but will also allow us to provide an even better level of care to our patients. We’ve really valued the support of InterSystems so far and look forward to working with the team to roll this out further.”

Access to a comprehensive and unified patient record will bring several benefits, such as the delivery of safer, more efficient, and better coordinated care.

The need to repeatedly ask patients and service users for the same information will be removed as data entered once, in any part of TrakCare, will be immediately available to all authorised users.

Improved efficiencies, including quicker access to patient information and a reduction in duplication, will release time for staff to provide patient care.

Additionally, InterSystems will be hosting, delivering, and operating TrakCare as a Service for NRH, making NRH the first Irish customer to go live from InterSystems’ new private cloud locations in Dublin.

This will provide NRH with a cloud service with guaranteed levels of data availability, response times, and enhanced security, all of which are essential in healthcare. It will also help to eliminate the need for the hospital to itself manage software, hardware, or the underlying infrastructure.

Chris Norton, managing director UK and Ireland at InterSystems, said: “We are really glad we are able to support National Rehabilitation Hospital on its mission to provide high quality care and treatment of patients.

“NRH is going to benefit from a solution that will enable it to provide a great service to those that require specialist rehabilitation services and help improve their quality of life.

“This integration has been a true team effort from NRH and InterSystems, and we look forward to seeing how this relationship evolves in the future.”

NRH is not the first organisation to deploy InterSystems’ TrakCare. North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust deployed the technology for two high-risk antibiotics back in November 2021.