Artificial intelligence and analytics company SAS is to launch a new transformative healthcare platform that will simplify health data and management, improve data governance and accelerate patient insights. 

The end-to-end enterprise solution for analytics and data automation will deliver health providers, insurers and public health agencies with the flexibility and speed needed to drive health innovations that can improve patient experience and outcomes.  

SAS Health is powered by a common health data model with predefined mappings to widely used industry standards. Analytical insights include proactively identifying gaps in clinical staffing and visualising the landscape of screening centres in relation to patient populations. It will equip health systems with the tools needed to measure the quality of patient interactions, allowing them to positively impact care.  

Gail Stephens, Vice President of Health Care and Life Sciences at SAS, said: “Having one consistent, common data model built on a powerful advanced analytics platform is pivotal for hospital systems and the future of health care delivery.  

“SAS Health offers an extraordinary opportunity to advance patient care and treatment through improved efficiencies in data and analytics frameworks, which ultimately will allow health care payers and providers to deliver better outcomes, more quickly.”  

The solution uses the power of analytics with the company’s SAS Viya AI platform. This allows users to unlock actionable insights quickly, while also facilitating compliance with industry standards and regulations.  

SAS Health’s common health data model on SingleStore is a cloud-native solution that supports quick and easy ingestion of data from multiple industry standards in a no-code/low-code format. This includes Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), which defines how health care information can be exchanged between different computer systems.  

 Back in May 2023, SAS announced it was committing $1 billion to AI-powered industry solutions over a period of three years. The SAS Health solution is one outcome of that.