Digital Health Intelligence’s latest snapshot report dissects the £68m opportunity in the NHS electronic bed and capacity management systems market segment.  

Digital Health News exclusively reported that NHS England was moving forward plans for a £68 million programme of investment in eBCMS as part of a series of measures to tackle spiralling waiting lists, now exceeding 7.5m.

The snapshot report details how investment will be focused on the 15 trusts that are the worst performers on A&E waits and transfers, and divided into three categories. Trusts targeted for new systems, those targetted for optimisation of current ones; and finally hybrid approaches. 

The aim is to start to deliver initial improvements by the end of 2023-24 financial year. Funding is over three years. 

The snapshot report analyses the 15 trusts targeted for investment, including for the first time details of their NHS England Digital Maturity Assessment score and current systems used.  

The report details that five have in-house eBCMS solutions whilst one has no system installed. Four trusts have yet to install an electronic patient record system. 

Struggle to slow growth of waiting lists 

The hope is that by providing NHS hospitals with better visibility of bed usage trusts will be better able to manage and utilise their beds and capacity. 

The new Snapshot report includes the latest A&E waits data for the 15 trusts due to receive investment.  

The investment in eBCMS is modelled on what is seen as the blueprint provided by Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, which has developed a sophisticated model, based on a command centre that oversees bed management, patient flow, and Real Time Location Services (RTLS). 

Jon Hoeksma, CEO of Digital Health, said: “The Digital Health Intelligence Snapshot Report series combine data visualisation and analysis of key market segments being targeted for investment, to provide bite-size analysis on the areas our clients want to know about.  

“The new snapshot report on eBCMS also includes for the first-time data on individual trust’s DMA score, current installed systems and A&E performance data.”  

The DMA scores of Integrated Care Systems will be the focus of the next Snapshot report. 

The eBCMS report can be downloaded here. 

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