A new electronic health record (EHR) consultancy, EHR Enhancify, has launched to help healthcare IT teams across the globe enhance their Cerner Millennium EHRs.

Available to support on a retained basis or project-by-project, EHR Enhancify’s consultants work as an extension of their clients’ teams, putting their 17 years of experience working at the heart of Cerner Millennium to use.

Services include onboarding and training, troubleshooting and maintenance, Custom MPage creation, advanced configurations and more.

As part of its launch, MediConfig is offering free introductory meetings to troubleshoot Cerner EHR issues.

EHR technology has been a significant investment focus for healthcare providers, with EHR adoption growing at a rate of 13.53% year on year globally.

However, with implementation challenges rife, these investments alone are not enough to address the pressing issues of staff shortages, patient care, or burnout. The use of EHRs are themselves becoming a cause of burnout for many clinicians.

Additionally, as patients’ requirements change, and healthcare organisations continue to grow, 70% of users state that aspects of their current EHR system won’t be able to meet future requirements.

To truly leverage the potential of EHRs, there is a need to invest in comprehensive IT support that ensures these EHR systems function as required.

Etienne Boshoff, managing director at EHR Enhancify, said: “Getting EHR implementation right is key to making big changes in healthcare. And to make sure these systems work well, fit your specific needs, and continue to evolve as your organization does, you need strong IT support in place.

“Without it, the problems you’re trying to solve – such as burnout, staff shortages, and disjointed patient care – will only be exacerbated.”

This is supported by evidence from a JMIR Medical study, which found that the return on investment from EHR systems can only be maximized when they are paired with substantial IT support.

EHR Enhancify was founded in 2023 by Etienne Boshoff, after he spent 17 years at Cerner as a Solution and Integration Architect, managing implementation and maintenance projects for healthcare providers.

With extensive technical experience and unparalleled knowledge of Millennium, he has helped hundreds of IT teams to re-configure their systems to better serve their needs, improving design and build rules and using functionality in creative ways.

In September, Oracle Health promised to deliver new next generation EHR features, in the clearest indications of strategic direction since acquiring Cerner health and rebranding as Oracle Health.