The process of diagnosing cancer is set to be streamlined, following the launch of a new end-to-end AI-powered digital pathology solution from Dedalus and Ibex Medical Analytics.

According to Dedalus, anatomic pathology information systems provider, the new solution will set a new standard for anatomic pathology lab digitisation by integrating Ibex’s Galen platform into Dedalus’ Digital Pathology Solution.

The new solution will leverage the capabilities of Dedalus’ solution – which features a novel, holistic approach for digitising anatomic pathology labs – with the most widely deployed AI technology in the pathology field, Ibex’s Galen.

This will support efficient routine work from a single application.

Full digitisation of anatomic pathology labs will be enabled, thanks to a next-generation Anatomic Pathology Information System (AIS) and Digital Pathology (DP) solution.

Data and AI will be used to assist with case prioritisation, advanced image analysis and reproducible diagnoses.

Galen’s AI-powered findings are available on the joint solution, which will support pathologists in the diagnosis of prostate, breast and gastric biopsies. In addition, pathologists will benefit from improved accuracy, AI-powered decision support tools, streamlined reporting, improved laboratory efficiency and increased diagnostic confidence.

Marlen Suller, head of in vitro diagnostics business unit at Dedalus, said: “This collaboration harmonises Dedalus’ expertise in pathology information systems with Ibex’s cutting-edge AI-powered diagnostics.

“It reflects our commitment to advancing anatomic pathology, equipping pathologists with a state-of-the-art solution that fosters increasingly accurate and timely diagnoses. The potential for enhancing patient outcomes is substantial, and we are leading the way in this transformative journey.”

Joseph Mossel, CEO and co-founder of Ibex Medical Analytics, added: “Our solutions lead the AI revolution in pathology with algorithms and tools that drive consistent improvement in the quality and efficiency of cancer diagnosis in our growing customer base.”

The joint solution will be presented at the Digital Pathology & AI Congress, taking place in London on December 7-8.

Ibex was one of the recipients in the third round of the government’s AI in Health and Care Award, receiving more than £1.5 million for Galen Breast, its AI-driven algorithm that checks for breast cancer.